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At Dharana Sanctuary our entire approach is defined by a single focus: to balance that which is unbalanced so that true healing can flow from the spiritual to the energetic/emotional and physical levels.

This is unique in as such we are facilitating healing from the inside out. This gives healing a new focus. Whether you choose massage, energy healing or yoga, our approach is not symptom oriented but focused on the highest possible healing result for the individual. Freeing ourselves from the seed causes that create mental, emotional, and physical imbalances results in the highest from of healing and a deeper connection to the soul.

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What People are Saying

Erik D. (Yelp)

However what brings me back...is the veritable wizard Bernhard. The first massage I got from Bernhard, with the "deep tissue option" added, I felt as though my arms had transfigured into electromagnets... As someone who deals with sports injuries on a regular basis Bernhard is a rare massage therapist who has proven more powerful than my battery of doctors.

What People are Saying

Karen Kusano

It was transformative and helped me greatly along my spiritual path. [Laurie] unlocked that first big door for me to walk through.

What People are Saying

Elizabeth C. (Yelp)

Bernhard is skilled and knowledgeable masseur I have come across. I always make a point to request him.

What People are Saying

Sanam S. (Yelp)

Bernhard is a GEM! Highly recommend him for people who don't want to take a chance with the quality of their massage!